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5 Fun Things To Do On Your Next Trip to China

With well over a billion people calling this land home, China is a place of adventure and mystique. This is why it has turned into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With so much to see and do, you can plan multiple trips to this vast land and still not experience a fraction of what makes the country so rich and proud in tradition. If you are looking for a place to travel, China is worthy of your consideration. With that in mind, consider the following five fun things to do on your next trip to China.

See the Great Wall

It seems as if just about everyone in the world has heard of the Great Wall. It is such a vast structure that it can be seen from space, so it is certainly you want to add to your list of things to experience when you visit China. It is one of those sightseeing adventures that you must take part of in person, as pictures alone do not do it justice. The most popular location to see the Great Wall is at Badaling not far from the capital city of Beijing. If you want to avoid the crowds, head to the MuTianYu part of the wall. There are far fewer tourists there and you will be enjoy some quiet moments of reflection.

Visit the Forbidden City

With Kensington Tours Company you can also pay a visit to the Forbidden City. With a name like that, you know that a visit there simply cannot be avoided. The best way to experience this city that reigned supreme more than five centuries ago is by taking a walking tour. This is a city that became the home for countless emperors and their families leading up to the fall … Read more

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Making A Good Game Of Cornhole Even Better

Cornhole has become an American pastime these past few years, as it has become as popular as horseshoes at family picnics, church outings, and everyday family get-togethers. One of the most enticing things about the game is its sheer simplicity. It’s easy to purchase a cornhole board and set it up in the backyard. They’re even light and easily transportable, so they make the perfect traveling companion, too, for RVers. Whenever the boredom of life hits, a good game of cornhole can be the perfect way to pass the afternoon.

Even the most perfect of games can get a little better, though. While for most cornhole is a pastime, for some it has become a true sporting passion, as their games can be organized by teams and even the most casual of gaming teams can become more competitive. When this comes into play, there are many things that can enliven the game of cornhole even more.

For example, decals have become a great way to show some team spirit and passion for the game. NFL cornhole decals have become one of the most popular decals to go on cornhole boards. It’s not difficult to see why. People are passionate about NFL football and they’re passionate about games of cornhole. These decals fashion up the cornhole board and can even make games look more official, depending on the kind of decals you get.

You don’t have to go with pre-made and pre-designed decals either. You can even create your own decals. If you have a cornhole team at your small business, you can take your decals and make them yourself. This is done using a basic builder software that lets you upload your own images and design your own logos for your decals. For example, if you have a team called … Read more

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Unique, Fun Wedding Venues

Choosing a place to hold a wedding can be tricky, but before you commit to having your wedding in a place that you are uncertain about, consider some of the creative and exciting options that many people often forget about. Whether you want to hold your wedding at a Bay Area golf course or you are hoping to take your vows under the stars at your favorite beach, there are many ways to ensure that your wedding reflects the personalities of you and your future spouse.

Whimsical Weddings

If you and your betrothed value a strong sense of fun without getting caught up in the formality that is normally associated with a wedding, consider getting married at a carnival, amusement park or a state fair. While some of these suggestions may limit the dates in which you can get married, couples who like to take a slightly different approach to things may find that these suggestions are perfect for their desires.

Industrial Weddings

The industrial motif is all the rage right now, and couples who are looking for an original way to express this part of their personalities will love holding their wedding at the Ice House; originally used to keep food cold before refrigeration was available to everyone, this industrial setting in Arizona is now popular for weddings. Those who like the idea of an industrial setting in the northern part of the country may want to consider using a defunct building in the City of Detroit. This Michigan location is in the middle of its own renaissance, and there are plenty of affordable, industrial-style buildings available as wedding venues.

Glamping Weddings

“Camping” combined with “glamour” becomes “glamping,” and glamping is a new trend in weddings. Whether your guests choose to join you and your new husband or wife … Read more

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How to Choose the Best Gift for A Family Member

When we want to show a loved one how much we care, we may try to find a gift that celebrates some aspect of their life or personality. Whether you’re looking for a present for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, graduation, or just to show your family member how much you care about them, putting in a bit of effort can really pay off. Before you buy your next gift for a special person in your life, consider these tips and make sure that your present truly represents and communicates your feelings for your family member.

First of all, think about your family member and his or her personal interests. While it may be tempting to pick something just because you think it looks cool or appeals to you for some reason, remember that you’re not the one whose opinion matters. Try practicing some empathy and see your gift from the perspective of the recipient. Think about the hobbies and interests that your family member has. You shouldn’t try to get them something specific to their field, but choose something that demonstrates that you’ve been paying attention to their interests.

Second, make sure that you buy a gift that’s of high quality and caliber, instead of settling for any old thing. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good gift, either. Instead, use your head and do some research to find something nice for a good price. For example, if you’re buying a shoulder holster for an uncle that loves guns, check out reputable online retailers like Hardcore Gun Holsters for the best deals. You may be surprised to find out how many excellent items can be found online, especially for niche interests that you may not be able to find at your local retailer.

Finally, consider … Read more

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A Trip to Tuscany for Our Family

I was looking at luxury villa rentals in Tuscany but it did not take long for me to know that the Tuscan Farmhouse Estate was the place we wanted to stay. This luxurious farmhouse has touches of luxury as well as just good ole charm. An example of the charm is that a basket of freshly laid eggs are delivered every morning for breakfast. Can you even imagine that! The olive oil in the kitchen is pressed right there from olives outside the door, and there is a wine cave that features wines made from the grapes on the estate.

There are so many nice things about this villa, and it is so close to places we want to visit while there. Florence is just a short drive away, and Rome and Pisa are within a couple of hours too.… Read more