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A Trip to Tuscany for Our Family

I was looking at luxury villa rentals in Tuscany but it did not take long for me to know that the Tuscan Farmhouse Estate was the place we wanted to stay. This luxurious farmhouse has touches of luxury as well as just good ole charm. An example of the charm is that a basket of freshly laid eggs are delivered every morning for breakfast. Can you even imagine that! The olive oil in the kitchen is pressed right there from olives outside the door, and there is a wine cave that features wines made from the grapes on the estate.

There are so many nice things about this villa, and it is so close to places we want to visit while there. Florence is just a short drive away, and Rome and Pisa are within a couple of hours too. My family and I wanted to find a central location so we could do everything we wanted while in Italy for two weeks, and this farmhouse proved to be the perfect spot. This rental actually consists of the rustic yet gorgeous farmhouse as well as a guest house that is attached. I knew that my sister and her husband would enjoy having that section to themselves.

My husband and I took one of the master bedrooms and my parents took the other. That still left plenty of bedrooms for our five kids. They thought that going to Italy to live in a farmhouse for two weeks was going to be the epitome of boredom, so I had to laugh when they asked if we could stay longer at the end of our two weeks. There were so many things that they were able to get into, and it just turned out to be the best vacation ever. I think we are going to go back next year!